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S3 Media Maestro is a WordPress plugin that secures your Amazon S3 hosted media to prevent unauthorized sharing of the content that you've work so hard on...all while allowing you to manage your Amazon S3 storage right from within the WordPress dashboard!

See how S3 Media Maestro's expiring and encrypted links work and take a look at various options for the video player.

See S3 Media Maestro's audio player in action and check out its complete playback and playlist capabilities.

See how you can protect your downloadable files which are hosted in your Amazon S3 storage account.

With S3 Media Maestro's built-in media player, your secured media content can be delivered across all desktop and mobile web browsers.


S3 Media Maestro works in conjunction with Amazon Web Services S3 (Simple Storage Service) & Cloudfront content delivery network to prevent unauthorized sharing of your media.

The best part is that you can creat buckets, folders and upload files all from with in the shortcode builder. It's like having a built in file manager for AWS S3.


Questions about getting started? Drop us a line to find out more!